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Alade Imperial Healthcare

A subsidiary of Dimit Imperial Healthcare where all that matters to us is your health as well as the overall well-being of your body and mind. We believe when you are healthy, our world too is healthy and we can all do greater things together that makes our living great.

Our approach is to keep our clients and patients healthy by enhancing their well-being beyond just cure through our integration of all forms of holistic healthcare practice with lifestyle and nutritional counselling.

Herbal medications today are gaining preference, and consumers are increasingly considering herbal solutions as their first choice.

The world of Medicare as we know it is changing and we, at Alade Imperial Healthcare want to be at the frontline of the evolution.

Dr. Temitayo Imperial is a renowned Public Health Consultant par excellence. He is also a ‘Traditional Reproductive Health Specialist’.

He uses highly potent natural remedies to help women conceive and help men boost their sperm profile as well.

He is the best of both worlds (Orthodox and Alternative medicine). WhatsApp or Call him directly via 08165904084.

It doesn’t matter what your doctor’s report says. It doesn’t matter if your inability to conceive is due to infections, ovarian cysts, ovulation issues, hormonal imbalance, womb-related issues like asherman’s syndrome, fibroid or blocked fallopian tubes.

Every stumbling block to your getting pregnant shall be rolled away. WhatsApp or Call 0816-590-4084 to get Dr. Temitayo Imperial’s FERTILITY BOOSTER.

Congratulations, you will carry your baby by the grace of God….


  • I – Innovative Healthcare
  • M – Miraculous results
  • P – Premium Care
  • E – Excellence
  • R – Reliable
  • I – Integrative
  • A – All-encompassing
  • L – Lasting Solution

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