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Size 00 Transparent Gelatin Caps


Size 00 Transparent Gelatin Caps [a pack containing 1000 pieces] 



Imperial Health Care: Elevating Packaging Convenience with Size 00 GelatinCaps

Imperial Health Care proudly introduces Size 00 GelatinCaps, the epitome of convenience and versatility. These capsules, smaller in size yet mighty in impact, cater to discerning customers seeking optimal wellness solutions.

Key Features of Size 00 GelatinCaps:

-Compact and Efficient
-Approximately 700mg Fill Capacity
-Ideal for Average Dosage Requirements
-Discreet and Portable
-Quick Dissolution
-Compatibility with Various Fill Materials
-Precise Dosage Control

Trust Imperial Health Care for capsules that encapsulate your commitment to a healthier life.

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2.5 Litres, 5.0 Litres

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